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Remembering Travis 3 of 3: “How Will I Know When It’s Time?”

I work with a lot of senior dogs and it’s a question I’ve heard many times.  And I always answer the same way, “He’ll tell you when he’s ready. Trust your dog.” Intellectually, I know it’s good advice, but when … Continue reading

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Remembering Travis 1 of 3: Kathy’s Guest Post

Note:  Travis was a part of Kathy’s life for more than 13 years so I asked her to write a guest post for the blog.  She penned this piece in late January but only now are we ready to share … Continue reading

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Remembering Travis 2 of 3: Harley Pulls Us Through

As Kathy mentioned in her guest post, Travis is struggling. And, quite frankly, so are we. We’re both very aware of how sensitive Harley is to our moods so we try to keep the tears, frustration and fears in check … Continue reading

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The Rosetta Stone

For the first time in his life, Harley isn’t the center of attention. In the last 12 months, the members of the pack, his relative position in the pack and the rhythms of the pack have changed. He’s accepted those challenges … Continue reading

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A Double Merle Hello

Last week in our therapy dog class, we talked about how dogs experience the world through smell.  We discussed what the nose looked like anatomically, what purpose each part of the nose served and how the brain sifted through the … Continue reading

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