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I like the old souls and the experienced bodies as they often have much to say. Read more about both here.

Nota Bene

Harley, Helen and I have just returned from a walk in the woods. Forty-five minutes is about all Harley can handle these days. The short duration doesn’t seem to bother Helen as she enjoys running out front and returning, often … Continue reading

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Learning to Fall

A brilliant pair of orioles is working on two blocks of suet in the mesquite tree. They swing gently in the wind, easily maintaining their balance while they enjoy the seed and rich sweetness of the meal. Corkie rests quietly … Continue reading

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Becoming Judie Kay

Every daughter realizes at some point in her life that, “Dear God, I’ve become my mother.” Sometimes it’s said with a bowed head, shaking slowly side to side and other times with a smile and pride knowing your mother would … Continue reading

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The Bone Yard

When I was a kid, I played in the dirt—a lot. Like many kids, I enjoyed drawing figures in the dirt, making mud pies, and constructing and demolishing mounds of earth. There was a certain Pig-Pen quality to me and that … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices

Admit it.  You talk to your dog. And he talks back. Harley and I have full conversations about important things like where to go for our walk today, how his knee feels, what he’d like with his kibble for breakfast. … Continue reading

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The Red Leash

I like things that are worn, soft and comfortable. Of my sizable t-shirt collection, my favorites are those that have sloshed in the washer and tumbled in the dryer hundreds of times. They always fit just right. No matter the … Continue reading

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SPAM vs. The Foodie

I went to visit Gothic Eleanor of Aquitaine today.  Ellie is an eight-year old English Mastiff with a significant underbite and a tongue too long for her mouth. With a golden coat and a huge body and head, she always … Continue reading

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