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Two or Four? Or Does It Matter?

I am a childless woman of a certain age and, based on my lifestyle choice, I will never have children. This thought has been tumbling in my head for months now—often like a tennis shoe in the dryer. It wasn’t until … Continue reading

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Learning to Dance

A few days ago, Travis, Harley and I went for a walk at a favorite local park. I love this place because it has plenty of wide open spaces that are free of dangerous cacti, rodent holes of unusual size and mountainous curbs. … Continue reading

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Tower to Tomato, You’re Cleared for Landing

Is it wrong to use humor to deal with a difficult situation? I don’t think so, but if you do, please stop reading. Humor has been one of our main weapons in dealing with Travis’s declining health and the sadness, grief, and melancholy … Continue reading

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